Our Tourmaline Obsession

The phrase we see most used for the watermelon tourmaline is “a slice", referring to the slice of tube shaped crystal used in nearly raw form to reveal the often pink center and rough green outer edge. We prefer a ‘flat cut’ as opposed to a ‘domed’ highly polished one, as the flat allows the natural edge to remain.

The tourmaline is gorgeous and varied. The watermelon tourmalines are earthy, mostly pink in the center with the trademark green edges. Whether set in rings, mixed with other stones, or as stand-outs on their own, the tourmaline are vibrant and stunning .

Tourmalines appear in every color of the rainbow and occasionally have more than one color. Heat determines if the tourmaline develops into a solid or multi color stone.

Basically each “slice” is different - even moving through the same crystal slice by slice. It is difficult to find more than a few slices from one crystal at the quality of stones we seek. The advantage is this limitation makes each ring, even with the same setting design, unique.

Eleanor grew up in Brazil in the 70’s, where tourmaline was the accessory of choice, and the aesthetic was earthy, easy and elegant. This setting is our interpretation of one of the vintage Brazilian rings. In addition to looking fabulous, the ‘bamboo’ edge also provides a bit of protection for the stone.