Curious about our Objects of Curiosity?

We both have a long history of collecting, which is the genesis of our Objects of Curiosity collection.

Everything from collecting cocktail napkins as children (including cataloguing and scrapbooking them), to abundant family archives we have kept. Of course, we often grab anything that is small enough to fit in our suitcases on our travels throughout the years.

It has always been a significant part of our friendship. We take to the road. Travel as adventure, and how to develop it into work has transformed into travelling for the inspiration, and collecting along the way. Seeing people, learning about cultures, observing similarities and differences in unfamiliar territories is what drives us and the brand. Everything that has a story is interesting: from what can be found on local strolls, to natural settings, to industrial zones.

We love all of our Objects, it would be too hard to pick a favorite…. The 19th Century French Automatons are a bit of a reversal on the technology we are all surrounded by today. However, we enjoy imagining the thrill a child would have had in the late 1800's with a toy that is essentially an early robot. The 18th Century Skull with diamond eyes and secret compartment that holds a small diorama of an island, with 2 ships passing on separate planes, was a unique find. It took a few walks around the block before purchasing it. It will be hard to part with when the time comes.

We like to group together objects and works not usually shown together, natural science, sculpture, decorative art and so on. Everything jostles and overlaps. Trekking around the world we are looking for things that speak to us, and if we think they will speak to someone else, we include them in the Gienia case alongside our Jewelry and Handbags.