A Peregrine Primer

Peregrine: wandering, coming from abroad, travelling… All of these are our inspiration for our Peregrine Collection. Exotic materials, brushed gold, and opulent stones in vibrant shades make up these striking pieces including our bold Cocktail Rings and luxurious South Sea Pearl Pendants.

Inspired by journeys to Southeast Asia, we fell in love with the colors and finishes in everything - from the jewelry to the architecture - and wanted to apply that feeling to more occidental pieces, giving a sense of unexpected wanderlust.

We found the stones for this collection on a long journey from Vietnam to Thailand. We were looking for cabochon jadeite, sapphires, and rubies as well as pearls, and we made sure we knew where to find the most exquisite examples of each.

For Peregrine in particular, we feel that sourcing the materials ourselves made the pieces more extraordinary. The colors of the landscapes we explored, the size of the stones and pearls we found, and the desire to make something very special culminated in the east-meets-west cocktail rings.

As much as possible we try to dive spontaneously into a material when designing: mixing things instinctively, based on attraction, rather than intellect. When that doesn’t work, we revert to intellect and the expertise of our jewelers and craftsmen.

This collection showcases the exotic nature of the stones themselves and authentic savoir-faire. We have sought out welders, metal hammer-smiths, jewelers, lapidaries and setters to lend their expertise towards the creation of each piece, with each and every detail discussed until perfected.

Peregrine is a pairing of simplicity and glamour. The shield shape behind the Gold Shield Opal Pendant is polished 18k gold, with a chic super-hero quality. The South Sea Pearl with Diamond Bale pendants are a nod to the current use of pavé diamonds so popular in eternity bands and many contemporary designs. The centerpiece of the collection, the rings, hit the overall tone of the collection with their weight, brushed finish, historical settings with a mix of sparkle and the peaceful calm of the cabochon cut.