Archive Collection

The Gienia Archive Collection are pieces we created that are influenced by historically significant pieces we acquired on our travels. We think of them as ‘souvenirs’, in the spirit of some of the Etruscan Revival souvenirs we have collected. From our Double Headed Eternity Snake Ring (inspired by a piece we found from France which was made in the 1890s), to our Italian inspired Day-to-Night Earrings, we love to nd forgotten pieces and interpret them in a modern way.

Designing jewelry, we have a keen interest in the history of objects, and it’s been amazing to uncover these pieces and return to some of the original (now largely forgotten) techniques that were used to craft jewelry historically. The insights we have gained from working this way have also really informed the way we approach crafting the other aspects of our collection, too. It’s been great to work with our talented craftspeople to resurrect some of these classical techniques.